Want the best designed granny flats in Australia, we are here to help!

Want the best designed granny flats in Australia, we are here to help!

If you are looking for quality manufacturers of a granny flat at your house, you have just stepped into the right place. At Granny Flats Kit, we not just design and manufacture the contemporary modular houses, we built your dreams.

Such houses are important for a comfortable living and these have so many other purposes to fulfill as well. These modular houses can be used as villages, granny homes, teenage retreats, bed & breakfasts, holiday homes and etc. so, this is very clear that there are multiple purposes of these houses and that’s the reason, these are getting so much of importance in the entire Australia. So, if you need such a house, we are the one to get in touch with.

Experience The Best Design And Manufacturing

Oh, that’s very important when you are investing so much of money into something. You will get the solutions in here because, we can offer you the optimal options in terms of designs and manufacturing.

We pay really sincere attention to the customization. Yes, this is something that most of the owners are looking for. You obviously have some particulars in your mind that you want to apply at the time of building the house, you can always convey that to us and we will take the best actions to fulfill that. We can design for you 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom granny flats for you and the flats are delivered at your places with all the internal works completed. These are just ready to be installed.

The specifications of our service

You probably were looking for that!

There are a few specifications that we offer during the granny flats manufacturing and that create a whole lot of difference. The facts are as following:

·         Affordability

·         Design

·         Maintenance

·         Installation

·         Customization

·         Excellent resale value

As you can see, we are adding so much of value to your property and if you are thinking about granny flats in your area in Australia, feel free to contact us anytime.

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