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Delivery & Installation

Those who are buying Granny Flats Kits modular homes should be aware that there are some additional costs charged during the installation of the homes. Here are some the costs that are associated with the modular home installation.

  • Approval of the local authority for works like building and plumbing.
  • Charge of the transportation if it is ordered beyond the free zone.
  • Installation of other features of the house like kitchen appliances, hot water, air conditioning, etc.
  • Additional lighting

You can also relate the price with our cost guide for further information.

Statutory Approval

Various other kinds of statutory approval are included in the total expenditure like building approval by drawing the whole site plan, the report of the energy efficiency, fees of the local authority for the approval of the plumbing and building, etc.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is another important aspect of our modular homes that calls for additional charges. Some of the costs included under this section are survey of the site before installation, hiring cost of the machine for boring, carpenter, labour and supervisor hiring.

Allowances are required to be made for site clearance or earthworks. So, you must notice this in your list.


  • The installation and supplying of the electric power system and underground electrical channels.
  • Cost of labour for the cutting of the steel tops and level them for further use in the modular homes.
  • Additional painting and plumbing work if required.
  • Underslung plumbing installation.

You can complete much of the installation work for your new home an owner-builder. But, the cost for additional construction like separate roofs, decking etc will depend on your customization preference.

Appliances & Hot Water System

You need to consider the oven, cooktop, range hood and electric storage hot water system. The price of such installation cost may vary depending upon the area of your resident and the charges of your tradesman. So, it would be better if you gather information of your own. But, one thing is guaranteed that these modular homes are considerably more comfortable than the traditional ones.