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Madrid (Maldive)

Madrid: From $152 900 + GST

Madrid (Maldive) is not just a simple practical design of the modular homes. It is the best container home design perfect for those families who love to spend outdoor living. It is basically given the ‘U’ shape designed which helps to create larger space and room separation. It is what also helps to create a larger outdoor living area. This outdoor area is easily accessible from each part of the room as it is situated in the central part.

The basic designs usually consist of a master bedroom and ensuite that is located in one wing and the other wing contains two separate rooms, bathroom and laundry. You should note one feature that the outdoor decking is not included in our displayed price. For such aspects, feel free to contact us.

Note: Information and prices are subject to change without any prior notice. So, keep in touch with us for the latest information.