29/195 Prospect Hwy Seven Hills NSW 2147

Monaco (Mariam)

The Monaco: From $43 800 + GST

When luxury meets comfort that forms The Monaco. (Mariam). This is a studio granny flat of Granny Flats Kit that offers an amazing living experience. The living space of the granny flat is utilized as a bedroom. This dual purpose space offers one of the quality features of the company. The quality kitchen area comprises of high-quality cabinetry that comes with 2-pac finish and quartz stone on the bench tops.

The double glazed windows let in sufficient natural light inside the home. The home comprises of high ceilings and large doors that make it get the feel of open spaces. It is fully furnished and well-designed for getting in immediately with comfort.

Note: Any information / pricing is subject to change without notice due to continuous improvements in the products.