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Ordering Process

You are requested to go through the following steps properly in order to purchase modular homes from us

Investigate and proper Assessment

It’s very obvious to have queries about the modular homes that you are keen to purchase from us. You can see the FAQs to find more of your queries are answered. You can also contact us through phone calls and inform us about your queries. You can also ask for local council if you want building plans to be sanctioned on your property.

You can also discuss your ideas and approaches of the buildings with our contractors along with the costs and benefits of buying such modular houses.

Project Consultation

You can meet with our team to have a detail discussion about the project. This is the best way to discuss all that you want to know about the modular houses. You can watch the photos, surveys, site plans, designs all are very helpful to provide you with a better insight of the project. Moreover, we will explore different options for your project that will suit your customized needs effectively.

Design and Development

Once you have set your mind about buying the modular house from us, Granny Flats Kit will give you the options and solutions to turn your project into an engaging one. In order to complete the project, detailed report of surveys, assessments and reports are important for the design, development, approval and permits.

Delivery and information

You will be kept updated with the delivery of the modular house throughout the process. Moreover, you will also be informed about the anticipated delivery date of the house once that is out for delivery from the factory. We also arrange the cranes and others suitable capacity fits for the easier installation.