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Smatvilla (Smearton)

Smartvilla: From $77 900 + GST

Granny Flats Kit feel proud to introduce to you our latest design which has become the burning sensation in today’s building market, SmartVilla (Smearton). To create this luxurious living home, we have designed the SmartVilla (Smearton) is such a way that it consists of 20ft pod that are all joined together.

The SmartVilla (Smearton) is easier to install which makes it the first choice of the people. You will get a full spacious house and the required freeness to breathe and live properly. It is the best solution for people who want to have every feature of the modern granny flat in their house like additional accommodation, home office, granny flat, first home. Just give us a call and our professional technicians will be at your service within few minutes.

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