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Sydney Bedroom Designs

Select the best bedroom design in Sydney to ensure more space and comfort

Today there are several building options are present in your hand. Just you need to make a smart choice to build your dream home at an affordable rate. The housing market is widely dominated by the construction of prefabricated homes in Sydney. So you need to make a judicious decision regarding the construction of various rooms on your granny flats. Among various rooms of your granny flats bedroom is the most important part of your room. After a day’s tiresome work every human being came back to home to set himself free from stress and for that the bedroom is the best place to do that. So you need to make the construction of your bedroom in the right manner to make your home more comfortable and pleasurable. Today there are several forms of bedroom design in Sydney to make your home a temple.

We always try to provide you with the best bedroom design that can suit your requirement as per your budget. So let’s get deep into the details to understand the series of bedroom designs we have to offer you.


This bedroom design style Milan is also known as the Mirage. This is the most modern and high tech bedroom design in Sydney to avail. The finish of these bedrooms is of the impeccable quality of Milan Mirage container room. This bedroom falls into the category of 1Bedroom design to suit your budget and requirement of your luxury. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of these rooms is that it has quartz stone bench top, 2 Pac finish to all cupboards soft closing drawer runner and formidable door hinges.


This bedroom design style Kiev is also popularly known as Kapira. Basically, Kiev falls into the category of two bedroom designs. On the basis of 2×24 meter wide pods when joined together with each other to form Kiev bedroom. That is the reason why it provides large open living area. There are certain basic features of the Kiev that we offer you like porcelain tiles to bathroom, 2pac finish to cabinetry, and reconstituted quartz stone bench tops in the kitchen with high ceilings and double glazed windows. So you need to build the foundations to move immediately to your new home.


This is the most spectacular form of Bedroom design form that we can offer to you in order to meet your requirement of more member space requirement of your family. It is the most simple and practical design with U shape with larger space and room separation. Apart from that, it falls into the category of 3-bedroom designs to provide you with more space and luxury to your dream modular home. This design is also known as the Maldive.


You can enjoy the feeling of living in a more spacious space with this form of Bedroom design. You will get more space, more luxury and more comfort with the construction of Barcelona bedrooms in Sydney. It is also commonly known as Barina to make your Bedroom and modular granny flat a paradise to live in. It falls into the category of 4 Bedroom design.

Barcelona Bedroom Design

In Granny Flats kit you can design bedrooms as per your choice and budget to fulfill your requirement. We understand your concern for building best modular homes. That is the reason why we have segregated our bedroom designs in Sydney so that it could meet your luxury and comfort in the city as per your preset budget. We are also a DA approved organization to provide you with all types of customized support as per your service requirement. Our civil works, construction unit and expert engineers can help you to convert your dream into a reality. To know more about us you can contact us through our website or through our toll free number.

Granny Flat Designs Sydney

Latest design trends in granny flat designs in Sydney

When you think of traditional Granny flats then the very first thing that comes to your mind that a home which consists of a rectangular box with a flat roof. But the reality is quite different because it is more than just a wooden box that you are building for yourself. It is your dream home that gives you shelter and a great sense of relaxation that completes your entire life. Now the matter of fact here is that, what are the main reasons for the growing popularity of granny flat design in Sydney? The answer is very easy and simple modernization has impacted every inch of our world so modular homes can easily fit your space requirement and budget to meet your needs. There are a large number of varieties in design and available in case of building granny flats and we are specialized in building different forms of granny flat designs as per your requirement.

So various design patterns of our granny flats is mentioned below to provide you a clear understanding that how many types of variety you may avail from us.

Studio Granny Flats:-

Studio granny flats are a self-content apartment or it is also known as an efficiency apartment that suits your needs for keeping fewer members into your home. Basically, they are a small room which combines in itself bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms in a single room to make it fit for a bachelor or a small member group to accommodate in your home. There are several forms of these studio granny flats as per your budget and requirement to expand or synchronize the space utilization. We build different forms of granny flat designs in Sydney like Monaco, Rennes, Santa Fee, and Torino that can fulfill your requirement as per your need and budget.

1-Bedroom Designs:-

These are one of the basic structures that can be built with a single Bedroom and attached kitchen, and bathroom and other living room spaces are allotted with it to make your living comfortable and stress-free. Apart from that, we are experts in building different forms of rooms like Milan, Samara, and Smatvilla falls in this category of 1Bedroom design.

2-Bedroom Designs:-

Granny flats with two bedrooms can suit your space requirement and bedroom designs as per your requirement for availing more space for the two-dimensional bedrooms with enough space for other attached rooms in a standard size to fit two member living requirement in a comfortable and luxurious manner. There are several categories available to us for two-dimensional bedrooms like Kiev ( Kapira) San Marino( Sanma ) and Napoli ( Napolean).

granny flat designs in Sydney

3-Bedroom Designs:-

For more family members and for more space requirement to stay in luxury and comfort these three pod bedrooms are designed to fulfill your requirement. These types of home styles are designed by us. Apart from that three bedrooms are available in three forms like Madrid, Oslo, Valencia, San Paulo, and Norway.

4-Bedroom Designs:-

For larger family group and for maximum space requirement these types of modular home designs are best for you as it will fulfill both your space and luxury requirement at an affordable rate. There are basically two basic forms of granny flats falls under this category like Barcelona and second is Lisbon.

In Granny Flats Kit we do care for your concern and try to give our best to serve your need fruitfully. We are a DA approved organization who gives their best to convert your dream home into a reality. For many years we are serving the needs of building granny flats designs in Sydney to fulfill the requirement of our clients. So if you want to know more about our services features you can contact us as per your convenience and requirement.