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Prefabricated Modular Homes

Find out the advantageous factors of prefabricated modular homes

Are you looking for a space problem solution? Then, opt for installing granny flats would be your prime consideration. The majority of the individuals at present time tend to set up prefab homes in their extra property spaces. They have found this approach highly beneficial. If you are not fully aware of these prefabricated modular homes, keep reading this piece of writing. Definitely, you will end up with full satisfaction.

Now, move on to the following passage to make out the beneficial factors of installing these homes.

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Know the benefits of prefab modular homes

Prefab modular homes are also known as, granny flats, relocatable modular homes, and, moveable modular house. The reason behind these name is, you can move and, relocate these homes according to your requirements. This is indeed appreciable. Now, read the following points carefully to know how it will be beneficial for you.

  • If you are planning for installing a prefab home on your property, you don’t have to wait a long period of time. This approach requires less time as; most of the construction is done inside the company. Bad weather cannot affect the work, which in turn complete the project within minimum time.
  • As this project requires less time than traditional housing construction, you can consider this approach as the cost-effective method. Less time defines, fewer labour hours.
  • Prefabricated modular homes require less material loss than site-built homes. If there is any extra material, those can be used for the other projects. Wasted material is very few than any traditional housing project. Thus, this considered as the environment friendly housing approach.
  • As these homes are built in the factory these are subjected to a more careful method than a general home. Hence, you can enjoy high quality.
  • Another most interesting thing is, in your prefab home, you will have all the necessary accommodation which you want to continue your living. This is just like the regular home, but, the only difference you can find in its construction.
  • This home will solve your space problem, and at the same time, you can utilize this property as a study corner, a library, as a guest house, as a small office or as a party place.
  • Another important aspect is, this type of homes enhance property value. And, this can boost your income, as you can use this for tenancy purpose.

These are the benefits which you can enjoy if you give us a single chance to install one for you.

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​Let us make your prefab home

After reading all the above points, definitely, you have got a clear idea about prefabricated modular homes. In order to enjoy the best quality, contemporary designed prefab homes, you should opt for the best professionals. We, “Granny Flats Kit” is the popular and, trusted granny flat builder in your region. With us, you can enjoy skilled technicians and, best product quality at an affordable rate. Hence, without wasting any time, contact us and, read our website carefully to know our services in details.

Prefabricated Modular Homes Sydney

Top 3 reasons to build a prefabricated modular home in Sydney

Today there are several building options available in Sydney to build your first dream home. But the matter of fact here is that sometimes you may get confused that which solution will suit best for you. So, in order to get rid of this confusion the best possible way is that to consider three points while choosing a building option. First is the financial budget that you can afford, secondly the amount of time you can afford to complete your building project and thirdly the reduction of wastage of raw materials along with the proper structuring of your ambience. So in this case, Building prefabricated modular homes in Sydney will be the best option for you. We ensure that you can build your dream home with all the facilities as per your preset budget without the scope of any wastage.

So let’s get into the details that how our modular granny flats building option can help you to build your dream home.

Energy efficient and Modern look:-

Our modular homes consist of customized design as per your requirement. Our expert professionals take care of your electrical installation unit in a proper manner so that your house becomes energy efficient by the installation of LED lights and other modern electrical equipment. Our prefabricated modular homes in Sydney comprise of a variety of design that suits your need very easily. So that it can ensure modern look a greater comfort for your living.

Variety of Designs:-

We offer you the most lucrative design that suits your budget and needs as per the number of family members that stays in your home. So we offer a variety of designs like Studio Granny flats, 1Bed Room Design, 2 Bed Room Design, 3Bed room design and 4 Bedroom design as per your requirement. Apart from being these design are attractive these designs are also customizable to suit your requirements. This is why we prefer to build Lovely and customized design so that you can alter it as per your wish very easily.

Zero wastage of your raw materials:-

All our granular flats are built in a perfectly controlled factory environment so the chances of wastage of raw materials due to the environmental actions are zero. Hence it reduces the chances of wastage of time and money due to the lag period in the construction project. We ensure that your hard earned money should not go in vain and the construction project must get finished on proper time.


So in Granny Flats Kit, you can rest assured of getting the best in class services at an affordable rate. Our expert engineers work day in and day out to provide you with their best to you. So now your dream to build prefabricated modular homes in Sydney can be easily fulfilled for looking our services. To know more about our service pattern you can visit our website or can contact us to satisfy your requirement. Hence the time has come to shake hands with your dream as you are going to seek the services of building modular granny flats in Sydney from us.